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UNC Young Democrats in the News

Check out press coverage of UNC YD’s events and activities.

“Election precinct changes could make voting on campus easier this year”The Daily Tar Heel, 1/20/2020

“All on-campus students to vote in one ‘super precinct’ in 2020 elections”The Daily Tar Heel, 1/9/2020

“Local candidates debate ahead of November election”The Daily Tar Heel, 10/10/2019

“Bernie Sanders visits UNC Chapel Hill in NC on college tour”The News & Observer, 9/19/2019

“Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to make campaign stop at UNC”ABC 11, 9/19/2019

“Bernie Sanders will come to UNC in September, Young Democrats announce”The Daily Tar Heel, 9/11/2019

“Beto O’Rourke is coming to UNC for a meet-and-greet”The Daily Tar Heel, 4/12/2019

“Rep. Price, UNC Young Democrats want to increase voter turnout”The Daily Tar Heel, 11/4/2018

“UNC Students rally for gun control”ABC 11, 2/22/2018

“UNC students honor Parkland victims, rally against gun violence”The Herald Sun, 2/22/2018

“UNC students join Parkland survivors in the fight to end gun violence”The Daily Tar Heel, 2/22/2018

“Student organizations host forum for town council candidates” The Daily Tar Heel, 10/26/2017

“Rep. Price urges students to remain hopeful and participate in politics”The Daily Tar Heel, 10/9/2017

“Young Democrats open conversation on Silent Sam” The Daily Tar Heel, 9/6/2017

“SBP candidates talk sexual assault policy, inclusion at Young Democrats debate” The Daily Tar Heel, 3/1/2017

“UNC prepares for President Obama’s visit to Hooker Fields” – The Daily Tar Heel, 11/2/2016

“College Republicans and Young Democrats debated state and national policies” The Daily Tar Heel, 10/13/2016